“Ben is a genius at his work. I thought I had reached the peak of my intimate connections, and after working with him my relationship with my husband and friends went to a new depth I hadn’t previously thought possible. Ben helped me realize how I was hiding the most powerful part of my femininity and gave me tangible advice on how to bring that into all my connections, making them more fulfilling, loving and open. I now feel more beautiful, more loved and more centered than before our work together. Thank you Ben!”

- Christin Myrick, Men’s Consultant, ChristinMyrick.com

“Ben’s remarkable in the way that he can see both my little girl and powerful woman simultaneously. Working with Ben freed me up to embrace my vulnerable, sweet side in a way that I never had before. This directly impacted my relationship with my husband who loves that side of me and isn’t able to always access her. My courage to open up, gave him the courage to do that same and it took our intimacy and communication to a new level. Going through the process with Ben also provided new meaning to my work with teenagers who are so desperately trying to distance themselves from their childhood, yet that is the source of their native brilliance. As a result I feel whole, feminine, powerful, and gentle all at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ben if you are at a place where you want to fully embrace your deepest self!”

- Sheri Smith, Professional Ignitor, Lid Lifter Inc

“Ben has a powerful depth of presence that creates a safe space to be fully seen and heard in whichever combination of my masculine and feminine essence I currently embody. His clarity and focus only comforts and encourages me to relax into the depths of my own natural feminine essence. And, the fact that he loves women is a plus!”

- Stephanie Yost, Women’s Coach, Gumtree Growth

“The on-going work that Ben and I have been doing has opened me up to the deeper realms of my feminine heart. His piercing intuition enabled me to see that I am still grappling with personal issues that are cutting me off from being fully feminine and powerful. Ben helps women to navigate questions about their feminine essence with compassion, sensitivity, and a strong masculine direction that insists on delving deeper. The truths that he helps women to uncover and the guided practices that he suggests enable women to be better partners, friends, and mothers, by allowing and encouraging them to fully express their most innate feminine gifts.”

- Hope Gately, Boulder, CO

“Ben has the ability to connect with someone and instantly make them feel comfortable. Using his compassionate nature and insight into the feminine soul, Ben was able to pinpoint questions I’ve had surrounding my femininity within the first 10 minutes of meeting him. He is extremely passionate about helping women figure out how to be their best feminine self, as well as figure out what they really need and want in a man. I look forward to continuing my work with him!”

- Erica B., Boulder, CO