Unkinking Your Radiance and Rage: Dissolving the Walls that Keep You From Being Seen, Heard, and Known

That moment when you felt so…beautiful…that you looked down at the ground to keep yourself from being seen.

That moment you could have yelled at him about those things you know will wrench his heart and bring him here, now…but didn’t.

That moment when you yearned for his presence, if only for five minutes…but you’d love to not always have to ask for that.

Every day, often several times a day, there’s that moment.

That moment when you keep yourself from being seen.

That moment when you keep yourself from being heard.

That moment when you keep yourself from being known.

That moment when you hold back and don’t want to.

That moment when you hold back, don’t want to, and make the promise to yourself that from now on you won’t be holding back any more.

This workshop is about that moment. And You.

And the funny thing is, you know it’s not just about that moment. You know that if you feel into it now, right now, to take a moment and stop reading this text, you would feel that moment is also this moment.

You can feel that, right now, that moment is here and it holds you back from being who you want to be, having the friendships you want to have, having the relationships you want to have, and having the intimacy your heart yearns to experience in each moment of each day.

Why You’re Holding Back

As you’ve grown and experienced pain and heartbreak and disappointment, or even happiness or positive reinforcement, or reward, you unconsciously developed patterns in your mind and body. Those patterns, repeated over time, helped you to become who you are today.

As you repeat a behavior or belief or feeling or emotion over and over again, your mind and body get really good at it. Well-worn grooves are created. (It’s like spinning your tires in a snow bank.) You get so good at it that it becomes your way of being.

The problem is that, when you realize your life and relationships aren’t quite how you want them to be, those patterns of closure, hiding, and holding back become harder and harder to break.

How to Dissolve the Walls that Keep You From Being Seen, Heart, and Known

To dissolve the walls around your heart, you must go through five critical steps.

First, understand the pattern at play. What triggers the walls around your heart to go up?

Second, what are the walls protecting you from? What danger do you feel in that moment before those walls go up?

Third, what’s your behavior pattern when those walls are up? What does it look like your mind, feelings, and emotions?

Fourth, what new beliefs, feelings, and emotions do you want instead?

Fifth, what new practices must you cultivate in your mind, body, and heart?

These five steps may sound simple…or not.

It’s true that they are straightforward, but to compassionately unfold the layers of emotional sediment we have surrounding our heart requires a certain skill. It is in this workshop where you will learn this skill at every step of the way.

Practice with a Group of Solid Men

It’s one thing to cultivate a new practice around relationships and intimacy on your own. It’s another thing to practice with another man.

We will be bringing in a group of highly-evolved men that, should you volunteer, you will get to work with in front of the group. These amazing men have a wide range of experience in working with their own feelings and emotions, as well as with other men and women.

Not only will they be able to hold the space for you to go into some tender and emotional areas, but they will be able to give exquisite feedback on their own experience interacting with you so you can have that mirrored back from another man.

Basically, we should be charging about a million and thirty-two dollars for this kind of rare, deep, compassionate, illuminating experience with men.

(But we’re not.)

About Ben Wills and Stephanie Yost

Stephanie Yost, CPCC is a skilled midwife to the gifts and passions of the worlds’ most underdeveloped resource: women.

A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with over 15 years of experience in women’s empowerment initiatives with a background in business, Stephanie passionately ignites the fires of confidence, freedom and creativity in women on their next big edge of life and love. She specifically helps women uncover the layers that have kept them from being seen, heard and valued for who they truly are, and as a result, bloom into their full feminine essence, despite all the years of learning to do and be otherwise.

When Stephanie is not coaching women to relate from their core and live by their own rules, she is exploring her own edges through relationships, on and off her yoga mat or on the ecstatic dance floor in the foothills of Boulder, CO. She believes that women only improve with age and that radical self-care is the secret to the universe. Connect with Stephanie on Facebook, join her local women’s group, Women on the Edge, or receive her monthly life leadership newsletter, Bloom, at Gumtree Growth. More testimonials and her professional manifesto can be found at The Whole Life Coach.

Ben Wills: After a heart-wrenching breakup in 2006, I set off in January of 2007 on a mission to understand myself, relationships, and women. From studying the coarse knowledge of pickup artists and attraction/seduction all the way to the gentle wisdom of Marianne Williamson (Author of A Woman’s Worth), I most profoundly connected with the principles of masculine and feminine.
From there I dove head and heart first into works of the likes of David Deida and John Welwood, who have largely pioneered the masculine/feminine distinction in psychological and spiritual realms, exploring how to most deeply connect through relationship.
Today, I serve women in reconnecting with, and opening fully to, their femininity.


“I truly feel held by you. Your ability to extend a shelter of caring support is indeed, really powerful. You held me when I was leaving my relationship and transitioning and I really felt your strength. I consider you an “elder”, one of the few initiated adults I know.”
- Carol, Santa Cruz, CA

“Your support is a vital piece of why I am able to show up for myself. Your natural gifts of showing loving kindness have helped inspire me to be courageous, compassionate and tender with myself. Thank you, Stephanie for choosing to be a part of my life. You have helped me make a difference in the world.”
- Alicia, Professional Coach

“I finally feel as if I had reached the top of the mountain that I have been climbing this past year. I’m standing at the top with my arm’s stretched wide, looking all around me at the expansive future. I see only big things and nothing in my way. I see other mountains and I can’t wait to climb the top of all of them. Thank you for all of your support.”
- Kathy, Creative Artist

“You are such an awesome Being, and the work you are doing is profound. You have so many strengths to offer that I have benefited from: Silent witness, fierce holding, loving perception, hard- earned wisdom, courageous “pushing”, staying true to what you know, supportive encouragement, generosity with your time… and so on.”
- Carol, Grad student

“Had you described the process in the beginning, it would have been unimaginable. My life is so amazing and it’s all been in me all along!”
- Kathleen, Pastel Artist

“Thank you! My life is on a new path, once shrouded in mist with lots of obstacles, the path is now open, sunny and limitless. Wow! What changes! Thanks for walking the path with me.”
- Sue, Professional Coach

“This was a phenomenal experience, leading me to grow, dream big, and recognize that I am in charge of my destiny.”
- Robin, Author

“I love the opportunity this class provided. I have become more aware of myself, and less fearful of what others think of that self. I feel strong in that knowledge and excited to explore it further.”
- Beth, Entrepreneur

“I learned not to be afraid to take up space and to listen to myself.”
- Anonymous

“You have an amazing gift – you are a model for authenticity.”
- Kelly, Yoga Instructor & Mother

“You are incredibly insightful and powerful. I love your questions and how you go after it in people, pull them out, and make them look at it.”
- Katrina, Mother and Speech Therapist

“Ben is a genius at his work. I thought I had reached the peak of my intimate connections, and after working with him my relationship with my husband and friends went to a new depth I hadn’t previously thought possible. Ben helped me realize how I was hiding the most powerful part of my femininity and gave me tangible advice on how to bring that into all my connections, making them more fulfilling, loving and open. I now feel more beautiful, more loved and more centered than before our work together. Thank you Ben!”
- Christin Myrick, Men’s Consultant, ChristinMyrick.com

“Ben’s remarkable in the way that he can see both my little girl and powerful woman simultaneously. Working with Ben freed me up to embrace my vulnerable, sweet side in a way that I never had before. This directly impacted my relationship with my husband who loves that side of me and isn’t able to always access her. My courage to open up, gave him the courage to do that same and it took our intimacy and communication to a new level. Going through the process with Ben also provided new meaning to my work with teenagers who are so desperately trying to distance themselves from their childhood, yet that is the source of their native brilliance. As a result I feel whole, feminine, powerful, and gentle all at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ben if you are at a place where you want to fully embrace your deepest self!”
- Sheri Smith, Professional Ignitor, Lid Lifter Inc

“Ben has a powerful depth of presence that creates a safe space to be fully seen and heard in whichever combination of my masculine and feminine essence I currently embody. His clarity and focus only comforts and encourages me to relax into the depths of my own natural feminine essence. And, the fact that he loves women is a plus!”
- Stephanie Yost, Women’s Coach, Gumtree Growth

“The on-going work that Ben and I have been doing has opened me up to the deeper realms of my feminine heart. His piercing intuition enabled me to see that I am still grappling with personal issues that are cutting me off from being fully feminine and powerful. Ben helps women to navigate questions about their feminine essence with compassion, sensitivity, and a strong masculine direction that insists on delving deeper. The truths that he helps women to uncover and the guided practices that he suggests enable women to be better partners, friends, and mothers, by allowing and encouraging them to fully express their most innate feminine gifts.”
- Hope, Boulder, CO

“Ben has the ability to connect with someone and instantly make them feel comfortable. Using his compassionate nature and insight into the feminine soul, Ben was able to pinpoint questions I’ve had surrounding my femininity within the first 10 minutes of meeting him. He is extremely passionate about helping women figure out how to be their best feminine self, as well as figure out what they really need and want in a man. I look forward to continuing my work with him!”
- Erica, Boulder, CO

Workshop Details

So, here are the details you’ve been waiting for:

First, this workshop is being held in beautiful Boulder, Colorado at Agora at The Riverside on November 2nd and November 3rd. It is a two day workshop.

On Saturday, November 2nd, we will be working with you from 10am until 6pm. This will be the meatiest part of the workshop where you will learn some key principles and processes in order to better understand where the flowing of your femininity may be kinked up a bit. You will also learn some practices for unkinking those areas and dissolving those walls in a safe and healthy way. Finally, we’ll wrap up the day with practices involving other men.

This will give you time to take your time in the morning, get centered and ready for your day, etc. Then, we’ll be wrapping up at a time in the evening where you can choose to spend the evening in solitude or in the company of other amazing women out at dinner and continue working through what you learned during the day.

On Sunday, November 3rd, we will be working with you from 10am until 4pm to continue processing the material, particularly after having slept on it over night. You will also have more opportunities on this day for one-on-one work in front of the group (or observe others) to see what it’s like to really dig deeply into your femininity. We’ll be wrapping up at 4pm to give you your Sunday evening to finalize processing the weekend and prepare for your week.

Register and Sign Up, Right Now

The cost of this workshop is $297 and we only have a capacity for 30 women. HOWEVER, there are only 10 4 tickets available for only $197.

Click Here Now to Sign Up and Register!

Still have questions? Feel free to email Stephanie at stephanie@thewholelifecoach.com