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Exactly How to Be Courageously Vulnerable

It’s coming into our common knowledge that vulnerability is an act of courage. No longer do we find vulnerability to be weakness as we have so long been conditioned to believe it to be. But we often don’t know what that looks like. The idea makes sense, somehow it lands, but…what does it mean to […]


That Moment; Unkinking Your Radiance and Rage

You cringe on the inside, trying not to let him notice. He feels something from you and, not knowing what it is, doesn't let on to his discomfort. ... I see this dynamic all day, every day. I … [Read More...]


3 Things You Do to Keep Yourself from Being Fully Seen

It's one of the fundamental feminine desires: Your desire to be seen. It's what drives that 21 year old drunk girl to dance on the bar, then fall off of it into a trash can, then get back up on the … [Read More...]

Woman Laughing in Bathtub with Clothes On

Women: You Are Not Crazy.

Before I began to understand you a little bit better (It didn't take much to make a little progress since I didn't understand you at all for most of my life), I began to realize that you are not crazy … [Read More...]